The PLASMACLEAN processes guarantee a perfect cleaning.

Typical applications are:

  • Fine cleaning of metals after milling, drilling, deep drawing or stamping processes
  • Cleaning of electrical contacts, e.g. before bonding
  • Final cleaning of optical glasses
  • Removal of residues of mold release agents or photo resists
  • Cleaning of compounds, ceramics or textiles

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PLASMACLEAN processes remove thin organic and silicone contaminations. The parts to clean can have every shape and also blind holes. The costs for the cleaning process are low because the cleaning is performed in vacuum. The amount of necessary process gas is therefore very low making the process also safe and environmental-friendly.

Basic properties

Removable contaminations
hydrocarbons, silicones
Possible substrates
metals, ceramics, plastics, glass, silicon
Process temperature
40 - 80 °C

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