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About Plasma Electronic

Plasma Electronic is specialized on the planning, design, construction and marketing of plasma treatment devices. The focus is the activation and fine cleaning of surfaces and the coating of surfaces with the technologies PECVD, PVD, PEALD and their combinations. In our own laboratory we are able to measure and analyze properties of coatings like hardness, coating thickness, surface energy and surface tension.


...the Plasma Electronic GmbH was founded to provide plasma technologies for industrial usage.


...the first industrial PECVD coating devices could be offered as result of intensive research and development.


...the portfolio was extended by PVD devices, especially devices combining PVD and PECVD.

Seit 2010

...it is possible to research combinations of ALD and PECVD processes as well as PEALD processes with our new development device myplas.

Our production space

Our facility has a production area of 1000 m² enabling us to construct all sizes of plasma devices. The plasma chamber sizes vary from 10 liters in research and development devices up to 8000 liters in devices for mass production.

Our Applications

Plasma Electronic has developed a variety of processes for different applications. They can be used to remove residues of organic or silicone pollution (Plasmaclean©), for better wettability and adhesion (Actiplas©), for permanently hydrophilic (Aquacer©) or hydrophobic (Lipocer©) coatings, for hard coatings with low wear and low friction (Carbocer©), for transparent protection and “anti-fingerprint” coatings (Clearprotect©) and for decorative coatings (Decocer©).

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