CLEARPROTECT processes create hard and transparent corrosion suppressing coatings.

Typical fields of application are:

  • Coating for metals to withstand pyrolysis
  • Corrosion prevention for anodized surfaces
  • Scratch protection for hard plastics

The coating is performed in vacuum

The coating can be applied on a large variety of materials. The coating is performed in vacuum. The process can therefore be controlled very well leading to excellent reproducibility.

Basic properties

Water contact angle
< 5° - 10°
Surface tension
> 72 mN/m
Process temperature
80 - 150 °C
Vickers hardness
570 - 780 HV
Refractive index
1,4 - 1,6
Possible substrates
metals, ceramics, glass, high performance plastics
Chemical stability
stable against acids and organic solvents


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