Clearprotect 3D

CLEARPROTECT 3D processes create a barrier coating - a thin and transparent layer system to reduce diffusion.

Typical fields of application:

  • Food packages
  • Laboratory vessels
  • Sensors

The layer system reduces the diffusion of gases like oxygen or carbon dioxide through the substrate. On packages the coating prevents the diffusion of molecules (e.g. aroma) of the product through the package. The diffusion of molecules out of the package into the product is also heavily reduced.

On plastics like HDPE, PET, PLA, PP, PS the CLEARPROTECT 3D coating can lead to an oxygen transmission rate (OTR) below 1 cm³/m²/day/0.21bar. The possible value depends hereby on the geometry of the substrate.

The requirement for the coating with CLEARPROTECT 3D is a smooth surface. For vessels the diameter of the opening should be greater equal than the depth.

This page describes what the OTR is and what OTR is necessary for your product.

Basic properties

Oxygen transmission rate (OTR)
< 1 cm³/m²/day (0.21 bar)
Process temperature
30 - 50 °C
Possible plastics
Chemical stability
stable against acids and organic solvents
Approvable (FDA, EU) for
food packaging, drug packaging

Coating device

See the principle of the barrier coating device Linea in action:

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